Verdicts and settlements over One Million Dollars

$39 million
Wrongful Death / Product Liability

Plaintiff was a passenger on a Jetski. The Driver collided with another vessel when she lost the ability to steer because of a design defect.

Pre-Trial offer was $350,000.00. Jury Verdict $39 million

$20 million
Pedestrian Accident

Plantiff was a pedestrian struck by an automobile, which resulted in the plantiff becoming a functioning quadriplegic.

$5 million
Wrongful Death / Trucking Accident

Plaintiff was operating her vehicle when the Defendant was operating a 9000 Gallon tanker and striked plaintiff from behind, which resulted in death.

$3 million
Admiralty / Amputation

Plaintiff was working aboard the Defendant's vessel which was docked. A line snapped with such ferocity that it whipped across plaintiff's legs,
resulting in an amputation below his left knee.

$2 million
Maritime / Workers Compensation

A Seaman lost a considerable amount of his vision when subjected to hazardous working conditions.
Settled for 2 million PreTrial

$1.1 million
Product Liability

A power cart the deceased was driving started up in gear causing it to ram into an airplane on the tarmac when he was employed.
We felt there was the potential of a product liability action against the manufacturer.

$1.05 million
Negligence Settlement

Scuba Diving Negligence Settlement

Additionally, Ansel & Miller has successfully negotiated multiple million-dollar settlements.